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Technical Trainings

We train on Good Agricultural Practices, Safe use of pesticides and scouting

Agri clinics

We do plant diagnosis and recomended prescriptions to help you in your agriculture journey.


Agricultural consultaions

We have a team of agronomists and crop management experts who will walk with you and advise you accrodingly.


Farm management

we provide a one-touch solution to agribusiness entreprenuers right from professional advice on venture choice.


Soil Experiments

We endeavor to expose our farmers under this practice to enabel them learn as much as possible about their soil.


Livestock farming

We provide services like Artificial Insemination, Nutrition, Dairy farming, breeding, vaccination and others.

Whats happening in Agriculture?

Discover the knowledge in our successfull projetcs

We aim at producing the best out of agriculture and for this case, we have established a number of agricultural projects in many areas which we belive will continue to put smiles on our customers' and share holders' faces.


Seed Germination

Seed germination is a crucial process that influences crop yield and quality. At AgriNovel, we examine the significant progress that is made in analysing the roles of plant hormones which has contributed to improved crop production interms of quality and quantity in the regions that we have worked reached so far.


Cattle breeding

Artificial Insemination is done to strengthen breed improvement through production of dairy and beef semen from superior bull, the produced dozes of semen are extended to farmers in all regions of Uganda. Through Multiplication of pure dairy animals and appropriate crosses,The target is to produce 2000 improved dairy calves.


Farmers Sensitisation

Farmer group workshops are conducted with community extension workers on the improved cropping practices and diversified farming strengthening production the value chains through scaling up the demonstration farms.


Pestcide Donation

We provide pesticides to farmers so as to enable increased production in both quality and quantity. Our custommers have raelly benefited from this exercise and we are looking forward to engage more farmers.

Meet AgriNovel Team


Kato Joel



Nahurira Hillary

innovation champion


Kahunde Ritah

Soil Scientist


John Bosco



Katongole Allan

Animal Specialist


Nasasira Charity

Plant Pathologist