Our activities

We provide, solutions, and services across the entire agricultural sector chain. We support our customers on their way to a more sustainable agricultural future.

Livestock veterinary services

We provide services like Artificial Insemination, Nutrition, Dairy farming, breeding, vaccination, diagnostic and therapeutic services,sergical services and radiology services.


Biological analysis

An active population of soil organisms is essential to a healthy soil; they contribute to crop nutrition, recycling nutrients from the humus, organic matter and soil particles, as well as influencing soil structure. Composed with the analysis of organic matter, a biological analysis provides a rounded picture of a soil’s overall health, it’s response to soil management practices and its potential for producing high yielding, quality crops. We provide a soil health assessment which gives is a comprehensive analysis of the soil that measures attributes associated with physical, chemical, and biological processes.


Chemical and physical analysis

The physical and chemical characteristics of the soil need to be considered before making any soil management decisions or planning a nutrient application strategy. Soil pH, Cation Exchange Capacity, organic matter and soil texture all have an impact on how we manage our soils and crops.


Nutrient analysis

Soil testing provides an inventory of crop available nutrients and the background to build a nutrient management plan. Basic soil analysis (N, P, K, Mg and pH) is a legal requirement in Ugand


Soil Sampling, Testing, and Analysis

As a best management practice on the farm, we endeavor to expose our farmers under this practice to enable them learn as much as possible about their soil in order to produce the best yields. This includes knowing what nutrient deficiencies exist in their soil, the kind of pathogens that are likely to affect plant health, and what nutritional package best suit their soils. To enable sustainability of soils for increased agricultural and livestock production, we provide sustainable solutions to your soil status. Soil testing followed by accurate and reliable soil analysis data gives the knowledge of the chemical, physical and biological status of a soil that is fundamental to many of the management decisions made on the farm. Soil testing enables the planning of cultivation and soil management actions as well as providing the basis for a sustainable crop nutrition program that is accurate, timely  soil testing provides the critical information required to ensure all crop nutrition decisions are accurate, efficient, cost-effective and responsible.


Farm management consults

We provide a one-touch solution to agribusiness entrepreneurs, farm establishments, right from professional advice on venture choice, feasibility study, cost-benefit analysis to farm business plan, and overall farm management. We have a team of experienced Agronomists and Farm managers who will manage the investment on your farm. We provide a full package on, New farm development Occasional consultation to complete management of the farm operation. Technical support & mentorship Develop a soil testing and monitoring program for the long term fertility improvement of the farm Land-use planning and mapping Business plan development Internship placements for university students